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Selenium has become the industry standard scripting language to test digital and SaaS applications. Yet someone must create these selenium test scripts, requiring special skills, hours of effort per script, and costs companies thousands of dollars of month. Once the scripts are created, they must be maintained. Minor changes to applications come with large costs of maintenance - forcing QA to modify each script.

Free Selenium was started to disrupt the delicate current automation frameworks enterprises live by. All companies are entitled to enjoy high quality apps, which is why we are leading the QA revolution by offering automated selenium script generation capabilities. While Free Selenium is in Beta, we are offering selenium scripts for ... well... free. Sign up below to learn more.




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Free Selenium leverages an innovative, patented AI approach to automatically generate java-selenium test scripts from plain English test cases. Going beyond test script generation, Free Selenium automatically maintains the existing scripts, dynamically updating them when there are changes made in the underlying application. By using an AI driven approach, test analysts and automation experts alike can enhance their performance

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